Special Reports

Mutual Fund Rip-Off

This 25-page research report will teach you:

  • How many mutual funds beat their benchmark over time (you will be shocked)
  • How badly mutual funds underperform a simple index and what that means for your money
  • Two types of funds to buy and one type to avoid 
  • Several deceptive practices mutual funds use to make their returns seem higher
  • What mutual fund managers really care about (hint: it’s NOT making you money)
  • 13 questionable reasons people still invest in mutual funds and 6 better alternatives 

12 Common Stock Investing Mistakes

This 33-page research report will teach you:

  • 12 damaging cognitive traps that trick investors and reduce stock profits
  • 15 powerful questions to avoid psychological traps and make better investing decisions
  • Easily recognize the recency effect, loss aversion, the disposition effect, and many other cognitive biases
  • The complete definition of each cognitive bias and how it applies to stock market investing
  • What you should do to avoid falling into each of the 12 major cognitive traps
  • Take your investing skills to the next level with advanced decision-making strategies

Small Cap Stock List

This 19-page research report will give you critical information on small cap stocks:

  • Company Name & Symbol
  • Recent Share Price, Market Cap
  • Sector, Industry, Subindustry
  • 52-Week Price Change 
  • Valuation Metrics (Price-to-Earnings Ratio and Sales-to-Price Ratio)
  • Sales & Earnings Growth
  • Dividend Yield
  • BONUS: Includes a spreadsheet for easy sorting and analysis

How to Pick the Best Stock Newsletter

This 25-page research report will teach you how to:

  • pick the best newsletter for you
  • maximize your stock profits
  • tell which newsletters really beat the market
  • spot 17 “red flags” that should concern you and 5 “green flags” that should encourage you
  • spot and avoid scams, fraud, and dishonest companies
  • decide if the subscription price is worth it
  • the 3 critical performance questions before you join
  • “Honest and straightforward information. I rate this report 5 stars.” – David A. (Stock Investor / Newsletter Subscriber)