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You don't need any special training...there's no technical jargon, no complex charts, no special computer takes less than 10 minutes each week. If you’re ready to grow your investing skills and profits and become a confident stock market master, then keep reading...

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If you want to learn how you can profit from the longest-running and best-researched investment strategy in you can grow your wealth, feel confident in your portfolio, and enjoy lasting financial success...then this is going to be the most important message you read all day.

Hi, my name is Todd Lincoln. I'm the Chief Editor and Head of Stock Research for the Profitable Stocks & Strategies (PSS) newsletter.

Two years ago, I was researching stocks in my home office around midnight when I came across the jaw-dropping report that forever changed how I invest in stocks.

I squinted at the charts for a moment and then exclaimed out loud:

“Why am I not profiting from this?!”

Until that moment, I considered myself a smart, informed, and experienced investor.

...I had been investing in the stock market for over 20 years.

...I had earned a minor in Economics and an MBA degree from a top business school.

...I had worked for one of the largest financial institutions in the world.

But I had never heard anyone talk about the incredible profit power behind this investing strategy.

Over the last 100 years, different versions of this strategy had crushed the S&P 500 by 5x, 13x, 27x, and much more.

It turns out that big Wall Street investors had been profiting from this proven strategy for decades. So had academic researchers (actually, they’re the ones who “discovered” it).

But everyone was referring to it using different terms...

Some called it “factor investing.”

Others called it “smart beta.”

A few referred to it as “risk premia.”

Let me strip away the Wall Street jargon and explain in plain English:

Factor investing involves buying stocks with specific characteristics that are proven to deliver market-beating profits over time.

For example, buying undervalued stocks is one of the most well-known and long-standing factor strategies.

The “value factor” has returned 13x the market since 1926 (but it’s actually NOT the best factor strategy).

Another powerful factor strategy involves buying low-risk stocks (27x better return than high-risk stocks since 1963).

...or high-yield dividend stocks (10x better return than zero-yield stocks since 1927).

...or stocks with positive momentum (587x better return than negative momentum stocks since 1926).

Depending who you ask, there are between 3 (three) and 400 (four hundred) different factors you can profit from!

But they all have the same basic strategy in common:

Look for companies that share a certain winning trait, because over time stocks with that trait tend to strongly outperform the market.

So, as I stared out the window of my home office, I again wondered:

“Why am I not profiting from this?!”

After another hour of research, unfortunately I had my answer:

Factor investor was WAY too complex and confusing for the average investor to profit from:

  1. There were so many research papers documenting supposedly profitable factors (over 400!) that traders had begun openly mocking it as the “factor zoo.”
  2. The research was so densely crammed with Wall Street technical jargon and statistical analysis that it was nearly impossible to understand.
  3. To identify profitable factors and find promising stocks, you need high-powered investing computer software.

I leaned back in my chair, frustrated and discouraged, and thought:

“Here’s an incredibly profitable, well-proven, investment strategy, but it’s only available to powerful Wall Street investors.”

It felt like the game was rigged. And that didn’t sit right with me.

So, I decided to do something about it.

I made myself a promise:

"I’m going to make these proven factor strategies accessible to ANY investor so that they’re easy to understand, apply, and profit from."

Over the following months, I read 11 books on factor investing, studied 132 research papers, and took hundreds of pages of notes.

I invested $5,000 into a high-powered investing software program and tested over 1,000 different factors and more than 100,000 factor combinations by hand.

After months of late nights and early mornings filled with research, testing, and refinement, the answer was clear...

This factor investing thing WORKS.

The Secret Factor Strategy Behind Warren Buffett's Success

One of the most amazing things I found during my research was a study called "Buffet's Alpha" that showed how Warren Buffett is secretly a factor investor!

The study showed how his legendary stock-picking performance can be explained by simply combining three basic factors. 

The researchers concluded that:

"Buffett’s returns appear to be neither luck nor magic, but, rather, reward for the use of leverage combined with a focus on cheap, safe, quality stocks."

As I showed you above, "cheap", "safe", and "quality" are all well-documented factor strategies. 

The researchers found that Warren Buffett blended these factors together to create his incredible performance: 

“Buffett’s success shows that the high returns of these academic factors are not just “paper returns”, but these returns could be realized in the real world after transaction costs and funding costs, at least by Warren Buffett.”

So, I was convinced that factor investing was a winning strategy. And I was finally ready to take the leap.

I moved some of my savings over to my new factor strategies and began earning better profits than I had ever imagined.

My first factor strategy (which focused on small cap stocks) returned +66.5% in 19 months while the Russell 2000 (IWM) small cap index returned just +11.6%.

That’s nearly 6x the profit of the small cap benchmark!

I had NEVER earned profits like this before.

Sure, up until then I was a solid stock market investor. I had my fair share of wins and losses. And overall, I made pretty good money in the market.

But, to be honest, I used to struggle with the same challenges most investors face: 

  • “I’m tired of inconsistent stock picks that leave me disappointed.”
  • “I’ve done a lot of research, but I’m worried I’m still making some investing mistakes.”
  • “How do I know when to buy and sell stocks so I don’t regret missing out on gains?”
  • “My stock is way down; should I wait for it to come back up or just take the loss?”
  • “The stock market goes up and down without warning and I’m not sure why.”
  • “I’m afraid a coming recession and market crash will destroy my savings.”

I HATED the feeling of having so much on the line (me and my family’s life savings) while being overwhelmed by the size, speed, and complexity of the stock market.

For example, one of the biggest frustrations I hear from investors today is that they have to slowly and painstakingly piece together their investing research and strategy from many different sources.

Not only does this take a ton of time, but it’s hard to know which information is reliable and which information is useless (or worse, harmful).

Trying to keep up with the markets all on your own often looks like this:

  • Browse Yahoo Finance, MarketWatch, CNBC, Barrons, Bloomberg and read a bunch of conflicting viewpoints on where the stock market is headed and how you should invest.
  • Research your stocks and wonder if you’ve been holding them for too long and should sell, or whether they’re about to breakout and finally head higher. (Oh, and agonizing over what to do with that one painful loser still sitting in your portfolio.)
  • Visit 10 different sites to try and piece together information on a prospective stock, finally resorting to social media or investing forums to try and find helpful insights.
  • Nervously check your portfolio only to see one of your stocks is down double digits and you have no idea why. So you start Googling to try and figure out what happened.
  • Glance at your portfolio while you’re out enjoying a busy day and see everything is suddenly red and wonder what just happened in the market.
  • Ponder (as you try and fall asleep at night) whether or not the market is headed for a big downturn and whether you should sell your stocks to protect your money.

How can you keep up with all the information available today? Nevermind sort out what’s important and what’s just noise.

Since I developed my factor investing strategy, I've become a TOTALLY different investor.

Now I don't worry about which stocks to buy and sell, which research to pay attention to, or whether my stocks are going to lose money. 

For me, factor investing has been a life changer.  

That’s why I set out to create an all-in-one investment newsletter, based on proven factor strategies, that ANY investor can use to master the markets and confidently profit from stocks.

Profitable Stocks & Strategies Newsletter (New 2019 Release)

Profitable Stocks & Strategies (PSS) is an investment newsletter that helps transform regular investors into successful stock market masters through exclusive stock recommendations, strategies, and education.

My new PSS newsletter is here to guide you on the path to investing success and give you the tools and knowledge you need to become a stock market master.

So, what does that really mean?

To me, becoming a "successful stock market master" means:

  • Watching your wealth (and wisdom) grow steadily over time.
  • Spending less time reading fluff analysis and more time focused on insights that matter.
  • Spending less time worrying about your portfolio and more time out doing the things you love.
  • Confidently checking your stock portfolio and seeing nothing awful has happened to your investments.
  • Resting easy knowing I’m watching out for dangerous recessions ahead while you enjoy life.
  • Teaching your friends, family, and co-workers how you successfully invest in the stock market. 
  • Enjoying “true wealth”; lasting success, personal pride, travel and hobbies, and the gratitude and admiration of family and friends.

Transform into a wise and confident investor with a solid game plan and a steadily growing bank account.

Look, I’m a passionate investor who has spent decades studying and investing in the stock market. But just like you, I’ve struggled with many of the challenges above.

That’s why I set out to create an all-in-one investment newsletter that ANY investor can use to master the markets and confidently profit from stocks.

The Profitable Stocks & Strategies newsletter is focused on providing investors like you with:

  • A constant flow of high-quality stock picks that help you grow your wealth over time.
  • A collection of the absolute best aggressive, moderate, and defensive stocks so you’re always empowered to pursue your own best investment strategy.
  • Crystal clear “Buy” and “Sell” stock recommendations so you can make investment decisions with confidence.
  • Regular market commentary and exclusive insights so you have a rock-solid handle on what’s happening in the markets and what it means for your money.
  • Advanced recession warnings so you know when and how to adjust your portfolio to protect your wealth (and even profit) during a major market crash.
  • Actionable and insightful investing education so you can avoid costly mistakes and become a wise and successful stock investor.

To put it simply, my goal is to help you grow from a regular investor into a confident and successful stock market master who’s consistently making money and hitting investment goals.

In every issue I’ll be writing directly to you with my latest trade recommendations, investment strategies, and market insights.

As a PSS subscriber, I’ll show you:

  • Undiscovered small cap stocks with huge upside potential.
  • Rock-solid recession-proof stocks with healthy dividends.
  • How to find the best high-growth stocks to profit BIG during a raging bull market.
  • How to find safe defensive stocks to protect your wealth (plus earn dividend income) during a bear market.
  • A surprising secret about stocks that actually GO UP during recessions and market crashes.
  • Which investing strategies actually work (and why) and which are empty hype.
  • How several commonly accepted investing strategies are dead wrong (and even dangerous for your money).
  • A step-by-step guide on how to find the best dividend, small cap, large cap, growth, value, blue chip, and stocks.
  • And much, much more...

So, what does all that mean for you?

Starting Today You Can:

  • Sleep well at night knowing I’m constantly watching for recessions and bear markets.
  • Discover new high-quality stocks you never would’ve found on your own.
  • Be confident I’m scrutinizing every earnings report and data release weekly.
  • Choose from an aggressive, moderate, and defensive investing strategy (or all three).
  • Learn the best research-backed strategies for long-term profit.
  • Get my insightful commentary, insights, and forecasts on the market.

Let Me Do the Hard Research So You Can Focus on Your Hard-Earned Money

You’re busy with life, work, hobbies, friends, and family. 

I totally get it. I am too.

With over 8,000+ stocks on the market, hundreds of earnings reports each week, and a constant flow of new research, analysis, and economic data, it’s impossible for a regular investor to keep up!

That’s why I designed the Profitable Stocks & Strategies newsletter to make your life easier by presenting EVERYTHING you need to invest in one single place.

Every week we pour through hundreds of articles, papers, data releases, and reports so we can bring you just the most important trade recommendations and insights that affect your investing.

I developed my investment strategies the hard way over thousands of hours of deep research and testing, so that you don't have to.

All my strategies involve a mix of computer-based analysis and human experience.

Computers pour through thousands of companies to identify those that are performing well and are poised for strong continued growth.

All of my portfolio strategies have undergone 100,000+ rigorous backtests using high-powered computer software to see how they would’ve performed over the past 20+ years.

At the same time, I apply my deep investing experience, knowledge, and expectations about where the economy and markets are headed to decide which strategies matter most.

It’s this marriage of high-powered computer analysis and extensive human investing experience that allows me to pick stocks that can deliver strong profits over time.

And most importantly, it WORKS.

For example, look at the actual real-life returns for my Fast Profit portfolio since its launch less than four months ago (12/31/18 - 4/30/19):

The Fast Profit portfolio has already gained +26.8% in less than four months, living up to its name!

And it’s biggest winner earned +73.3% in just four months!

(See below for a detailed list of the top winners AND losers so far).

And here's the performance chart for the Wealth Protector portfolio. It's making a slow and steady climb upwards, outperforming its Utilities sector benchmark by 2.4% in just four months.

In fact, the market saw a nasty selloff recently, with the S&P 500 (SPY) declining -6.4%. At the same time, the Wealth Protector portfolio actually GAINED +0.2%, which is exactly what it's designed to do during times of market volatility.

My research shows you should rebalance your portfolio often, relying on the latest information to make sure you’re always holding the best stocks for your goals.

But the truth is that many investors want huge returns on every stocks, every time. To use a baseball analogy, these investors want a home run every time at bat!

While many investors focus on just the big home run wins, it’s the ability to quickly and consistently lock in modest profits that can really grow wealth over time.

Home runs are great. But so are fast singles, double, and triples.

Put simply, healthy gains (singles, doubles, and triples) compounded in fast succession, add up to large gains over time.

For example, here are top 10 biggest winners since I launched the PSS newsletter less than FOUR months ago (12/31/18 - 4/30/19):

Lots of respectable singles, doubles, and triples. And I'm still working on a few home runs.

But what about the losing picks?

NOTE: I believe in being fully transparent and honest with my subscribers, which is why I’ll also show you the top 10 biggest losers since launch four months ago:

Notice anything?

The winners are all MUCH bigger than the losers.

You see, in order to earn big long-term profits, you have to accept a few losers.

In fact, a very good stock picker will pick winning stocks only 60% - 70% of the time. The remaining stock picks will be losses.

It’s a classic investor mistake to hold onto a losing position forever, hoping it will come back up (I tell you EXACTLY what to do instead inside of PSS). 

Through much practice and research, I’ve learned when to accept a single, double, or even a strikeout, and when to swing hard and hold on for a home run.

Let me give you a real-life trading example from my Steady Growth (Moderate Growth) portfolio.

Between December 31, 2018 and March 29, 2019, the Steady Growth Portfolio executed a string of five consecutive trades that compounded to return 33.1% in under 90 days.

During that same period, the S&P 500 returned just 14.5%, less than half as much as these trades.

Now, to be clear, there were other trades that happened in the Steady Growth portfolio during the same time period, so 33.1% was the return for just that series of trades, not the overall portfolio.

The main point is to illustrate how the PSS newsletter is built around the incredible profit power of quickly compounding a series of singles, doubles, and triples (plus the occasional home run).

How Profitable Stocks & Strategies Can Grow Your Profits In 10 Minutes

Without a knowledgable guide, factor investing is highly complex. 

But I created a strategy that's incredibly simple to follow. 

You won’t have to spend endless hours learning complex charts or technical jargon.

There's no special software or required training.

It's dead simple. 

I’ll simply bring you the best investments and insights for your hard-earned dollars.

I'll show you exactly what I do and when I do it.

Every week I’ll deliver my top trade recommendations directly to your inbox:

  1. I spend all day, every day watching the markets for you.
  2. I email you when it’s time to take action (trade).
  3. Trades are in a simple “just read it to the broker” format.
  4. All "Buy" & "Sell" recommendations arrive only on Monday morning.
  5. It should take about 5-10 minutes to place all of the trades.
  6. My picks are designed to profit in bull OR bear markets.
  7. All trading action is recapped in an easy-to-read monthly newsletter.
  8. Everything is available on the website via at-a-glance charts, graphs, and tables. 

Let me deliver the actionable analysis and insights so that you can focus on your money and live your life. 

You Get FIVE Must-Have Investor Tools for the Price of ONE

People call Profitable Stocks & Strategies “the essential weekly newsletter for successful investors” because it’s your complete, must-have, mega guide to investing in the stock market.

You get FIVE products, all for the price of just ONE:

  1. Fast Profit Portfolio (Aggressive Growth) aims for fast profits by holding 12 small, high-potential, fast-growth, hidden-gem stocks.
  2. Steady Growth Portfolio (Moderate Growth) aims for steady, long-term profits across all market environments by holding 12 large, stable, high-quality, growth stocks.
  3. Wealth Protector Portfolio (Defensive Dividends) aims for wealth protection and steady dividend income by holding 12 low-risk, recession-resistant, dividend stocks.
  4. PSS Recession Suite™ offers recession monitoring, advanced warning, and profitable bear market trades.
  5. Complete “How to Invest in Stocks” course includes 43 detailed lessons covering strategies from decades of stock investing research and experience.
  6. FREE BONUS: The PSS also includes ongoing investor education, full access to Uncharted INSIDER, early access to new tools and strategies, live prices and metrics for all three portfolios (available on mobile phone, tablet, and computer), and exclusive webinars and trainings.

I know, that’s a lot at once!

But don’t worry, everything is provided in an extremely clear, simple, actionable, and easy-to-understand format so that you can learn and apply quickly and easily.

Let me unpack each of the benefits above and explain exactly how they help grow your investing skills and profits.

Fast Profit Portfolio (Aggressive Growth)

Invests in small, fast-growth stocks with big upside.

  • The portfolio aims to beat its benchmark (especially during bull markets) by picking high-potential, hidden-gem stocks that offer fast profits.
  • Focused on smaller stocks (mostly small cap and mid cap stocks).
  • Performs best during bull markets and strong market rallies.

Steady Growth Portfolio (Moderate Growth)

Invests in large, steady-growth stocks with stable performance.

  • The portfolio aims to beat its benchmark across most types of market environments by picking high-quality, shareholder-friendly stocks that offer consistent profits.
  • Focused on larger stocks (mostly tech and consumer companies).
  • Performs best during unstable, slow growth, and declining markets.

Wealth Protector Portfolio (Defensive Dividends)

Invests in safe, stable, defensive stocks that pay modest dividends.

  • The portfolio aims to beat its benchmark by protecting your wealth through all types of market environments, especially volatile bear market declines.
  • Focused on larger stocks that pay healthy dividends (mostly utility, healthcare, and consumer staples companies)
  • Performs best during bear markets, volatile fear-driven declines, and economic recessions.

Weekly Trade Alerts & Stock Recommendations (52 issues/year)

Monday Morning Alerts (MMA) are the actionable, timely, focused, part of the Profitable Stocks & Strategies (PSS) newsletter. They are meant to kick off your week with important trades in each PSS portfolio.

  • THREE premium stock portfolios for Aggressive, Moderate, and Defensive investors.
  • Weekly Monday Morning Trade Alerts with new stock picks (52 issues/year).
  • All three of the portfolios include crystal-clear “Buy” and “Sell” recommendations.
  • Hand-crafted strategies proven to deliver strong long-term investing profits.
  • Live portfolio prices and metrics available on computers, mobile phones, and tablets.

Monthly Newsletter: Commentary, Analysis, Forecasts, and Education (12 issues/year)

The Monthly Newsletters are the more educational, reflective, analytical part of the PSS newsletter.

The Monthly Newsletter is meant to summarize the previous month’s trading and performance activity for all three portfolios, discuss the broader market and economy, and teach you new investing skills.

Each monthly newsletter contains several sections which I update with every issue:

  • Opening article (usually my latest thoughts on the stock market)

  • Latest trade recommendations table (a summary of all the stocks recommended last month across all three PSS portfolios)

  • Educational articles (usually 1-3 investing education articles, depending on the length of each topic)

  • Portfolio summaries for each of the three PSS portfolios.

  • Performance Record (portfolio returns since inception vs. their relevant benchmark)

  • Currently Open Positions table (a list of all positions currently held in the portfolio)

  • Recently Closed Positions (a list of the 15 most recently closed positions in the portfolio)

  • Triple Crown Performance Record (the returns for all three PSS portfolios combined vs. the benchmark).

Let Me Watch Out For Recessions & Bear Markets So You Can Sleep Better At Night

Recession monitoring, early warning, and strategies to protect your wealth and even PROFIT during market crashes.

If you're not concerned about a recession and bear market crash right now, then you're not paying attention. 

The ominous signs are growing that this bull market is on its last legs. 

The market is up over +400% since 2009 while there's a trade war raging, the Fed appears lost, and junk debt is swelling to unprecedented levels.

In addition to three premium stock portfolios, the PSS newsletter is constantly watching for possible recessions on the horizon and making recommendations to protect your money:

  1. Recession Forecasting & Advanced Warning: I monitor a wide range of public and proprietary recession indicators to watch for the possibility of an upcoming bear market. As soon as I see a possible recession forming on the horizon, I'll let you know when I think it's coming and how I'm preparing the portfolios.
  2. Bear Market Defense: When I believe a bear market is coming, I shift my investing approach towards strategies that have worked best during down markets. I'll prioritize more defensive stocks to better weather the storm.
  3. Bear Market Offense: In addition to getting more defensive with my stock picks, I'll recommend strategies that actually profit from a declining market by using a range of inverse and leveraged ETFs so you can make money when stocks turn south.
  4. Recovery Timing: During a recession, I'll closely monitor economic and technical market indicators to decide when to invest in more aggressive stocks and ride the powerful recovery wave to large profits.
  5. Multiple Strategies: If a bear market does strike, I'll offer multiple different approaches for the Aggressive, Moderate, and Defensive Dividend portfolios so you can position your own portfolio in whatever way best fits your investing style.

Test Drive Profitable Stocks & Strategies: 100% Risk-Free

If you're serious about your financial future (you wouldn’t be reading this if you’re not), make an investment in yourself by joining Profitable Stocks & Strategies.

My Profitable Stocks & Strategies newsletter is our premier product - THE ideal starting point for practically any investor seeking profitable stock investing returns over the short-to-medium term.

Becoming a member of my inner circle will provide you with my very best, actionable stock recommendations and top-quality investing education at a surprisingly affordable price.

Frankly, I’m so confident the PSS strategy can help improve your investing skills and profits that I’m offering you a TON of value at absolutely zero risk to you:

  • 3 stock portfolios + 1 complete investor course + 1 recession warning service = 5 incredibly powerful investing tools, all wrapped into 1
  • Complete course on how to invest in stocks ($49 value - yours FREE)
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  • Todd's 50 Laws of Stock Market Success ($49 value - yours FREE)
  • Todd's "Thought of the Week" starts your Monday morning off right with an insightful market forecast, trading insight, recession update, or investing education.
  • PSS Recession Suite: Keep your money SAFE with regular market forecasts, recession monitoring, advanced recession warnings, and profitable bear market trades.
  • Live portfolio prices for monitoring individual positions and entire portfolios vs. their benchmark (on computer, mobile phone, and tablet).
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  • 100% tax-deductible if used for business purposes

"Nothing speaks like returns. I have subscribed to many emails in the past. Less noise and better returns."

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- Mary, Profitable Stocks & Strategies subscriber, Michigan

"I've been following the newsletter since launch and am amazed by the returns."

- Ryan, Profitable Stocks & Strategies subscriber, Texas

FIVE Investing Services (+ Bonuses) All For the Price of ONE

You're probably wondering just how much my all-in-one investing service costs.

If you tried to recreate this on your own, you'd easily pay $3,200 per year:

  • High-powered investing software: $1,700/year
  • Proprietary data and research subscriptions: $1,200/year
  • Factor investing books and research: $300/year
  • Thousands of hours of research and testing
  • Total Cost to Do It Yourself: $3,200 per year (plus thousands of hours of work)

If you shopped around my competitors for similar services (honestly, I doubt you'd find anything of this quality) you'd easily pay over $1,600 per year:

  • Small cap stock newsletter: $200/year
  • Steady growth stock newsletter: $200/year
  • Defensive dividends stock newsletter: $200/year
  • Recession monitoring and warning service: $500/year
  • Investing course: $500/year
  • 12 Common Mistakes book: $29
  • Total Cost to Recreate My Services Elsewhere: $1,629 per year

Since Profitable Stocks & Strategies is still new, I want to get out there and meet as many smart investors as possible.

So, for a limited time only, I’m offering discounted introductory pricing for new PSS subscribers:




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At just $179, you only need one small +8% gain from my recommendations and the PSS subscription will MORE than pay for itself:

Profitable Stocks & Strategies Newsletter: Membership Plans

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Recession monitoring, advanced warning, and strategies

Course: How to Invest in Stocks (43 lessons) ($49 value)

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Monthly Newsletter (12 issues)

Three complete stock portfolios

Recession monitoring, advanced warning, and strategies

Course: How to Invest in Stocks (43 lessons) ($49 value)

Bonus Book: 12 Common Mistakes ($29 value)

Bonus Report: Todd's 50 Laws of Stock Market Success ($49 value)

Full access to the membership website

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Regular Price: $429
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Monthly Newsletter (24 issues)

Three complete stock portfolios

Recession monitoring, advanced warning, and strategies

Course: How to Invest in Stocks (43 lessons) ($49 value)

Bonus Book: 12 Common Mistakes ($29 value)

Bonus Report: Todd's 50 Laws of Stock Market Success ($49 value)

Full access to the membership website

100% Satisfaction Guarantee


Take A Test Drive Today: 

Try PSS for 30 days for just $7. 

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Here's My Zero-Risk, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee To You

I want you to be 100% sure Profitable Stocks & Strategies is right for you. So I'm giving you three full months to try it out at my expense.  

Browse my course, research my stock picks, watch some PSS trades, and take a full 90 days to decide if you like what you see.

If you're not delighted with your subscription, simply let me know anytime within the first 90 days and I'll give you back every penny, no questions asked.

And even if it's past the 90-day mark and you find yourself unhappy for any reason, I still have your back.

Simply let me know and I'll give you a refund for the unused portion of your subscription.

In the off chance you do decide Profitable Stocks & Strategies isn't all I promised, I insist you keep all the free reports and issues you receive as my way of saying thank you for giving it a try.

BONUS #1: Take My Crash Course For Successful Investors (100% FREE)

A complete course on how to make money with stocks can bring you from beginner to confident investor FAST, helping you make money and avoid mistakes along the way.

Get a complete investing course, 100% FREE when you join Profitable Stocks & Strategies

Uncover powerful strategies for making money in the stock market while avoiding common mistakes.

  • 43 detailed lessons
  • 10 handouts (downloadable PDFs)
  • 6 step-by-step guides (with screenshots)
  • "Stock Market Investing IQ" quiz
  • When to buy and sell your stocks (with 2 checklist handouts)
  • 22 cognitive traps that hurt profits (and how to avoid them)
  • Strategies to profit during economic recessions
  • 23 common investor mistakes (and how to avoid them)
  • 10 most powerful metrics in investing
  • 50 Laws of Stock Market Success
  • Investing strategies based on decades of stock investing research and experience

Normally I sell this course for $49. But it's yours 100% FREE with your PSS subscription.

Ongoing education is a BIG part of the PSS newsletter. Each monthly issue contains powerful and actionable insights that can help you grow your investing skill.

BONUS #2: Adopt The Winning Mindset of a Highly Successful Investor (100% FREE)

I consider this book an absolute must-read for all stock investors.

This powerful 33-page book will teach you:

  • 12 damaging cognitive traps that trick investors and reduce stock profits.
  • 15 powerful questions to avoid psychological traps and make better investing decisions.
  • Easily recognize the recency effect, loss aversion, the disposition effect, and many other cognitive biases.
  • The complete definition of each cognitive bias and how it applies to stock market investing.
  • What you should do to avoid falling into each of the 12 major cognitive traps.
  • Take your investing skills to the next level with advanced decision-making strategies.

Normally I sell this book for $29. But it's yours 100% FREE with your PSS subscription.

Is the PSS Newsletter Right for You?

The Profitable Stocks & Strategies newsletter is a powerful tool for a wide range of investors. Honestly, I believe it can help ANY investor improve their skills and grow their profits:

New Investors

Seasoned Investors

Professional Investors

  • If you’re a new investor…you’ll get three crystal-clear, dead-simple portfolios and a crash course on how to invest in stocks.
  • If you’re a seasoned investor…you’ll get high-quality stock picks with different risk / reward profiles, ongoing market analysis, advanced recession warnings, and bear market strategies.
  • If you’re a professional investor…you’ll get advanced recession warnings, factor-based portfolios, bear market strategies, and factor research.
  • If you’re an aggressive risk investor…you’ll get 12 high-potential, hidden-gem stocks from the Fast Profit Portfolio (Aggressive Growth).
  • If you’re a moderate risk investor…you’ll get 12 large, stable, high-quality, growth stocks from the Steady Growth Portfolio (Moderate Growth).
  • If you’re a conservative risk investor…you’ll get 12 low-risk, recession-resistant, dividend stocks from the Wealth Protector Portfolio (Defensive Dividends).
  • If you’re a dividend investor…you’ll earn steady, low-risk dividend income from all 12 stocks in the Wealth Protector Portfolio.
  • If you’re a small cap’ll get regular, high-potential, small-cap stock recommendations in the Fast Profit Portfolio.
  • If you’re a growth investor…you’ll get regular, high-quality, steady-growth stock recommendations in the Steady Growth Portfolio.
  • If you’re a utility investor…you’ll get regular, reliable, recession-resistant, utility stock recommendations in the Wealth Protector Portfolio.
  • If you’re a bearish’ll get ongoing recession risk monitoring, advanced recession warnings, and strategies to protect your wealth and even profit during recessions.
  • If you’re a bullish investor…you’ll get two complete growth investing portfolios and advanced warning if a bear market recession is ahead.
  • If you’re a tech stock’ll get regular, high-quality, shareholder-friendly, tech stock recommendations in the Steady Growth Portfolio.
  • If you’re a recession-fearing’ll get ongoing recession risk monitoring, advanced recession warnings, and strategies to protect your wealth and even profit during recessions.

Plus, I'm constantly listening to subscriber feedback and adding new tools and features to help make you a more successful investor.

Fair Warning: Act Now Or Risk Paying More And Sitting On The Waitlist

I want to be honest: I will probably raise the price of Profitable Stocks & Strategies in the future.

Possibly by a lot. 

I might also cap membership and ask interested investors to join a waitlist. 


Because some of my investment strategies (specifically the small cap stock, recession warning, and bear market profit strategies) won't work as well if there are too many people trading them.

So, I may have to put a cap on the number of PSS memberships available.

Right now I'm interested in committed investors who are serious about growing their skills and profits. 

If that's you, PLEASE take advantage of our introductory pricing now, before it goes up. I don't want to see you get locked out. 

The Stock Market & Economy Are Changing: Which Path Will You Take?

Right now, you’re at a crossroads.

And the way I see it, there are only two paths you can go down:

Path #1: Do nothing. Click away from this page. Continue to hunt for the next big trend and hot stock with huge upside. Continue to invest in the companies you already know. Continue to do what you’ve always done instead of learn powerful new strategies. Worry about losing money on your investments. Hold your breath every time you look at your portfolio. Worry about whether the next recession will erase your life savings. 

Path #2: Give Profitable Stocks & Strategies a try. Start profiting from factor investing, the longest-running, best-researched, winning investment strategy in history. Watch your wealth steadily grow over time. Spend less time reading fluff and more time on insights that matter. Spend less time worrying about your portfolio and more time out doing the things you love. Feel confident in your investing skill and profits. Rest easy knowing I’m watching out for dangerous recessions. Teach your friends, family, and co-workers how to invest. Enjoy lasting success, personal pride, and the gratitude and admiration of family and friends.

Which investor are you?

Which investor do you want to be?

Lasting financial success starts with investing in the most valuable asset of all:


Either way, thank you for your time. I wish you the best of luck. 

And I hope I get the chance to invest alongside you.

Todd Lincoln

Chief Editor & Head of Stock Research

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions? Email us at [email protected]



I wanted to address some of the common questions I get about Profitable Stocks & Strategies (PSS) below:


How often does the PSS newsletter make trades?

We review each portfolio for possible trades every single week on Monday morning (but we don’t necessarily place a trade in each portfolio every week).

This means that pretty much every week you will get a Monday Morning Alert for some type of trade recommendation in at least one of the portfolios.

We don’t make trade recommendations during the week, so we only send trade alerts once per week on Monday morning.


Do you have a bear market strategy in case there is a recession or market crash?

Absolutely. As part of the PSS Recession Suite™ I'm constantly monitoring for leading recession indicators and warn our subscribers if I see economic challenges forming on the horizon.

I also provide investment recommendations and strategies to help our subscribers actually profit during a recession. You can read more about our PSS Recession Suite™ above.


When did your start trading the PSS portfolios?

All three of the PSS portfolios were officially launched on December 31, 2018 and have been making live, real-time trade recommendations ever since.

In addition, each portfolio’s investment strategy underwent tens of thousands of computer simulation historical “backtests” to examine how our strategy would have performed over the last 20 years.


How do I gift a subscription?

A subscription to the Profitable Stocks & Strategies newsletter makes a great gift! Drop us a note at [email protected] and I’ll happily set up a gift subscription for you.


Will you mail a printed version of the monthly newsletter?

As of now, we only provide our monthly newsletter online. Most investors are happy to access the Monday Morning Alerts and Monthly Newsletter on their computer, mobile phone, or tablet.

However, if you’d strongly prefer a printed version of the letter, send us a note at [email protected]

If I hear this request from enough subscribers, I’ll be happy to add a printed version.


Why do you have portfolios? Why not just provide stock recommendations?

After extensive research into how investment newsletters work, I became convinced that offering a complete portfolio is MUCH better for our subscribers than just a list of stock recommendations. Experts such as newsletter industry veteran Mark Hulbert agree.

There are many reasons why a complete portfolio is superior. I explain why and provide several articles and reports in our PSS New Subscriber Guide.


Can I cherry pick certain stocks from the PSS newsletter or buy an entire portfolio?

This is entirely up to you and the right answer will be different for each investor.

One thing to keep in mind is that the portfolios are designed to pursue an investing goal by owning 12 stocks that fit a common strategy. In other words, they work best as a group.

On the other hand, some investors may choose to use the PSS portfolios as a short list of “top ideas” from which they can “cherry pick” their favorites based on further research.

Any approach is fine.


Are you trading penny stocks?

While I find low-priced stocks can sometimes offer outsized returns, I won't invest in anything priced below $1.50 per share. And nearly all of our stock recommendations are priced over $10 per share.

In addition, all of our stocks are traded on major U.S. exchanges, such as Nasdaq and NYSE.


Are you day trading?

No. We only place trades and send out trade alerts once a week on Mondays. We don't buy and sell a position within a single day.


What’s your refund policy?

The PSS newsletter comes with an iron-clad, 100% money back guarantee. If you’d like to cancel for any reason, I’ll give you a full refund within the first 90 days of your subscription. After that, I’ll provide a prorated refund for the full life of your subscription.

Claim Your PSS Membership

Make an investment in yourself today by joining the Profitable Stocks & Strategies newsletter.

This Profitable Stocks & Strategies newsletter is for educational purposes only and is not any form of individualized advice. Investing involves risk and is not for everyone. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future performance. All information is obtained from sources believed to be reliable, but cannot be guaranteed for accuracy or completeness. Prior to making any investment, we encourage you to review the “Important Legal Information” page on our website and/or the Legal disclosures in this product's New Subscriber Guide.


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