Our Philosophy

We believe in you, the individual investor.

Why? Because we’re individual investors too.

After years of experience with Wall Street, big banks, and money managers, we’ve come to a simple conclusion: No one cares about your money as much as you do.

You’ve worked hard and had success in life, and the same formula applies to stock market investing. Through hard work, patience, and the wisdom gained from experience, you can invest to build the future of your dreams.

Our extended Uncharted Investing team is made up of passionate investors just like you. We’ve been successfully investing our own money for decades. And through extensive research, trial and error, and hard work, we’ve gotten pretty good at it.

Before we started Uncharted Investing, we subscribed to many stock investing newsletters with the hope of growing our wealth while learning along the way. A few newsletters helped a ton and we’re tremendously grateful for how much we learned and profited from their expertise.

But many newsletters we tried fell short. WAY short. They were vague, hard to follow, and seemed to always brag about huge profits that we never saw as individual subscribers.

And we’re not alone. Many others have had the same frustrating experience with shady newsletters.

Beware of Fuzzy Math

In 2013, Barron’s published an article called, “Newsletter Returns: Be Skeptical,” which exposed well-known newsletters that were making extraordinary performance claims in their advertisements.

They started with one that boasted, “the fact is, that for seven years running — through good markets and bad — my recommendations have racked up an annualized return of 145%.”

However, when looking at the numbers, Barron’s found that, “over the last seven years, the time frame that the ad refers to…the newsletter produced a 5.2% annualized return…lagging the broad market’s 5.9%.”

Then they cite another example of an absurd claim that went like this: “Say you start with an initial investment of $5,000 at the beginning of your journey with me. If you lock in at least one 10% gainer each month – reinvesting all of your profits each time – your $5,000 will have grown to $154,563 at the end of three years and to $1.5 million by the end of five years.”

Upon closer analysis, Barron’s found the returns were nowhere near what is claimed, and in fact failed to beat their passive index benchmark:

“I have results for just one calendar year — 2012. In that year, according to the HFD, her model portfolio produced an 11.7% return — versus 16.1% for the stock market itself, as measured by the Wilshire 5000’s total-return index.”

Finally, Barron’s pointed out a famous newsletter that “claimed that his trend-following system would produce 20% annualized returns over any five-year period. Since 1980, however…it has never produced a 20% annualized return over any five-calendar-year period. The HFD calculates that its model portfolios over the last 33 years have produced an average annualized return of 7.0%, markedly less than the 11.2% annualized return of the Wilshire 5000’s total return index.”

There are many more examples. But you get the point. Don’t be fooled by promises of mountains of easy money. If the claims seem too good to be true, they probably are.

But at the same time, don’t let shady players discourage you from finding a newsletter that can transform your investing and grow your wealth.

But how do you know which newsletters will deliver and which will fall short?

When it comes to our Uncharted Investing paid newsletters, we understand the importance of being transparent, trustworthy, and high performing.

For starters, we did a ton of research and authored several reports on performance and investing newsletters, including:

But we wanted to take it even further. So we crafted our “5 Point Performance Guarantee.”

Our 5 Point Performance Guarantee™

We’re not big on overhyped promises. If you’re looking for an instant 10,000% return on your money, go buy a lottery ticket.

Instead we aim for steady, market-beating returns based on smart, time-tested, research-backed investing strategies. The kind of returns that compound powerfully over time to create real sustainable wealth.

In that spirit, we offer a 5 Point Performance Guarantee for our paid stock newsletters:

  1. Annual Returns: We will show you the returns for our model portfolios on a year by year basis. There are lots of sneaky tricks to hide poor newsletter performance, but many are easily thwarted if you can examine a newsletter’s annual performance by year. For all our newsletters, we’ll show you exactly that (and probably more, such as a bar chart, line graph over time, etc.).
  2. Appropriate Benchmarks: We will compare our newsletters to the appropriate benchmarks. Without comparing to a benchmark, you have no way of knowing whether our performance was good or bad. Just as important, we’ll choose benchmarks that are appropriately similar to the strategy of our portfolio. For example, we’ll use a small cap ETF benchmark for our small cap newsletter and a dividend ETF benchmark for our dividend newsletter.
  3. Complete History: We will clearly report to you the outcome of every trade we recommend. No cherry picking only the winners. No letting poorly performing picks quietly disappear from our list or sit open forever so we don’t have to acknowledge the loss. In our subscriber archives, you’ll be able to see the purchase price, sale price, and return for every stock we recommend.
  4. Clear Assumptions: We will be proactive and clear with you about the assumptions behind our performance calculations. In our footnotes we’ll be transparent about our assumed trading fees, transaction prices, handling of dividends, and more. We don’t claim our assumptions are perfect, but we believe they are reasonable and transparent.
  5. Honest Discussion: We will strive to perform well and beat the market over the long term. However, we expect to have some bad stock picks and some stretches of underperformance along the way. That’s a fundamental part of stock market investing. And when it happens, we’ll be honest about it.

To be clear, our 5 Point Performance Guarantee is NOT a guarantee that we will deliver market-beating performance or investing profit. That’s our goal, but no one can guarantee returns. 

We Ask You For One Simple Thing In Return

In return, what do we ask of you? Please be patient. Please be realistic.

Research shows that even the greatest investors of all time have had long stretches of underperformance compared to their benchmarks. And many great stock pickers are right on only 60-70% of their picks.

That’s part of investing. Success comes from having the patience, wisdom, and fortitude to recognize that they won’t all be winners and you will inevitably undergo stretches of painful underperformance.

The goal is to build incredible market-beating wealth over the long term. A big part of that is keeping your eye on the long game.

We hope you’ll give us a try and we’re excited to invest alongside you.