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We focus mostly on stocks that are traded in the U.S. Our expertise is in small cap / micro cap stocks, growth stocks, and dividend-paying stocks. In the future, we may expand our research to include other investments, such as international stocks, options, funds, ETFs, etc. 

We're headquartered in Dover, Delaware and our extended team collaborates across several different cities in the U.S.

Our strategy involves a mix of computer-based analysis and human experience.

Computers pour through thousands of stocks to identify those that are performing well and are poised for strong continued growth.

All of our portfolio strategies have undergone tens of thousands of rigorous backtests using high-powered computer software to see how they would’ve performed over the past 20+ years.

At the same time, we apply our deep investing experience, knowledge, and expectations about where the economy and markets are headed to decide which elements matter most.

It’s this marriage of high-powered computer analysis and extensive human investing experience that allows us to pick stocks that can deliver strong profits over time.

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