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Course: How to Invest in Stocks:

Learn How to Buy Stocks, Make Money, and Avoid Mistakes


This complete investing course includes:

  • 43 detailed lessons (jump to the course syllabus below)
  • 10 handouts (downloadable PDFs)
  • 6 step-by-step guides (with screenshots)
  • When to buy and sell your stocks (with 2 checklist handouts)
  • 22 cognitive traps that hurt profits (and how to avoid them)
  • Strategies to profit during economic recessions
  • 23 common investor mistakes (and how to avoid them)
  • 10 most powerful metrics in investing
  • 50 Laws of Stock Market Success

Learn With Lesson Handouts

Many of the lessons come with summary handouts, checklists, and "cheat sheets" you can download for future reference.

Course Syllabus (43 Lessons)

Level 1: Stock Market Investing for Beginners (7 lessons)

Level 2: How to Make (and Keep) Stock Profits (5 lessons)

Level 3: Build Your Personal Stock Investing Plan (6 lessons)

Level 4: How to Research and Buy the Best Stocks (12 lessons)

Level 5: When to Buy and Sell Your Stocks (4 lessons)

Level 6: The Most Powerful Insights for Profitable Investing (9 lessons)

The Most Popular Lessons

Lesson 3 of 43: How Much Money Can You Make Investing in Stocks?

Learn how much the stock market usually returns, the critical role of dividends, how much mistakes can cost you, and the astounding magic of compounding.

Lesson 10 of 43: Stock Market Crashes: Why Markets Decline & How to Survive

Find out what causes stock markets to decline, how much they fall and how fast they recover, and what you can do to stay calm and profit from a sell off.

Lesson 13 of 43: Can You Really Beat the Market by Buying Your Own Stocks?

See how two investors have consistently beaten the market over time using very different strategies, and discover four simple strategies that beat the market.

Lesson 15 of 43: How Much Money Should You Invest in Stocks?

Find out how much money you need to start investing in stocks, how much money you should aim to invest over time, and the critical mistakes to avoid.

Lesson 20 of 43: How to Find the Best Stocks to Buy (with Handout Cheat Sheet)

A step-by-step guide to finding the best stocks, with screenshots; PLUS a free "cheat sheet" for your download.

Lesson 29 of 43: How to Profit During Economic Recessions

This lesson covers how to spot an upcoming recession and play "defense" or "offense" to either avoid or profit from the large decline in the market.

Lesson 31 of 43: Why “Buy and Hold” Is a Dangerous Strategy

Investors are often told to "buy and hold" their stocks. We share several examples of why this is a dangerous strategy and outline what you should do instead.

Lesson 33 of 43: When Should You Sell a Stock? (Plus Handout: “Stock Seller’s Checklist”)

We walk through a 10-step checklist to help you decide exactly when to sell a stock. Comes with a course handout for download and future reference.

Lesson 36 of 43: The 23 Biggest Mistakes Investors Make (And How to Avoid Them)

There are 23 common mistakes that new investors make which tend to destroy their investing profits. We explain how to spot and avoid these common mistakes.

Lesson 37 of 43: The 10 Most Powerful Metrics in Investing (with Handout)

We explain the 10 best metrics for finding profitable stocks to buy. They include four growth metrics, two value metrics, three dividend metrics, and one more.

Lesson 38 of 43: The Psychology of Successful Investing (+10 Extra Bonus Tips)

Understand the 22 cognitive traps that set investors back and hurt their long term returns. Plus 15 powerful questions to avoid these common mistakes.

Lesson 42 of 43: The Giant List of Must-Have Tools and Resources for Stock Investors

This giant list of must-have tools for stock investors includes analyst estimate summaries, sentiment readers, calculators, stock screeners, and more.

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