The Best Dividend Stocks Have These 7 Things in Common

  • There's much more to finding good dividend stocks than just a high dividend yield.
  • Some dividend investors focus too much on...
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Buy the Best High Dividend Stocks with This Research-Backed Formula

  • Many investors look for high dividend stocks, but high dividend yield is only half the formula. The highest yield stocks do not...
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The Best Growth Stocks? Research Says Buy Innovators Like Apple (AAPL)

growth stocks profit lab Oct 04, 2018
  • In a 2012 research paper, authors from Harvard and Tuck business schools showed how successful past investment in R&D could...
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Should I Sell Everything Now to Avoid a Stock Market Crash?

investor q&a profit lab Sep 26, 2018
  • Research suggests timing the market is extremely difficult for the average investor to do and will likely cause you more harm...
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