Buy the Best High Dividend Stocks with This Research-Backed Formula

  • Many investors look for high dividend stocks, but high dividend yield is only half the formula. The highest yield stocks do not perform...
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The Best Dividend Stocks Have These 7 Things in Common

  • There's much more to finding good dividend stocks than just a high dividend yield.
  • Some dividend investors focus too much on...
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Which Stocks Pay Dividends? Small Cap vs Large Cap for High Dividends

  • Even though a greater portion of large cap stocks pay dividends, there are almost TWICE as many dividend stocks among small cap vs large...
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Why Do People Invest in High Dividend Stocks?


Even for a new investor, it’s no secret that dividend stocks can be a strong addition to your portfolio.

Over the long...

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Can I Use Stocks to Replace My Working Income?

  • Investors often wonder how they can use stocks to replace some (or all) of their working income. 
  • Dividend stocks provide...
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Lesson 26 of 43 (Dividend Investing): A Step-by-Step Guide to Picking the Best Dividend Stocks

  • Dividend yield is a powerful metric to measure how much you’d make in dividends each year compared to how much you’d...
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26 Best Resources for Dividend Stock Investors (2019 Update)

dividend stocks Oct 15, 2018

We created a running list of the best resources for dividend stock investors. Most of these are specific to dividend stocks, but a...

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Are High Dividend Stocks Safer During a Stock Market Crash?

  • Dividend stocks can provide incredible safety during stock market crashes.
  • However, it’s not like just any old dividend...
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Which Blue Chip Stocks Pay High Dividends? Top 60 High Dividend Stocks


While there’s no exact definition of blue chip stocks, they’re usually large, well-known, high-quality industry...

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