Lesson 39 of 43: Dangerous Stock Market Scams & Rip-Offs (And How to Avoid Them)

  • Investing scams and rip-offs cost investors millions of dollars in hard-earned money every year. 
  • There are a few simple...
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Lesson 38 of 43: The Psychology of Successful Investing (+10 Extra Bonus Tips)

  • When it comes to profiting from stocks, simple cognitive biases can often hold investors back, causing frustration and hurting...
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Lesson 37 of 43: The 10 Most Powerful Metrics in Investing (with Handout)

  • Through extensive research and historical testing, we've identified 10 metrics that are able to predict the best stocks to...
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Lesson 36 of 43: The 23 Biggest Mistakes Investors Make (And How to Avoid Them)

  • There are a wide range of common mistakes that new investors tend to make. 
  • Over time, these mistakes will seriously hurt...
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Lesson 35 of 43: What to Expect Once You Start Investing in Stocks

  • While all stocks fluctuate in price nearly every day, it’s earnings reports that really move stocks over time.
  • During...
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LEVEL 5 SUMMARY: When to Buy and Sell Your Stocks


This is a summary of the four lessons that make up Level 5: When to Buy and Sell Your Stocks of our course: ...

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Lesson 34 of 43: How to Buy and Sell Your Stocks (Best Brokers, Order Types, and More)

  • In our experience, picking the best brokerage comes down to three simple criteria.
  • A market order means you’re willing...
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Lesson 33 of 43: When Should You Sell a Stock? (Plus Handout: “Stock Seller’s Checklist”)

  • Many investors aren't sure if and when they should sell a stock from their portfolio.
  • We walk through a 10-point...
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Lesson 32 of 43: When Should You Buy a Stock? (Plus Handout: “Stock Buyer’s Checklist”)

  • Many investors aren't sure when they should buy a new stock in their portfolio, or if the stock they've selected is truly the...
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Lesson 31 of 43: Why “Buy and Hold” Is a Dangerous Strategy

  • Buy and hold is a passive investment strategy for which an investor buys stocks and holds them for a long period regardless of...
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