Lesson 32 of 43: When Should You Buy a Stock? (Plus Handout: “Stock Buyer’s Checklist”)

  • Many investors aren’t sure when they should buy a new stock in their portfolio, or if the stock they’ve selected is truly the best pick. 
  • We walk through a 5-point checklist that helps you decide if you should buy a stock.
  • You should be able to confidently answer, “Yes”, to all five questions before buying something new in your portfolio.
  • Included is a “Stock Buyer’s Checklist” course handout that summarizes the key points from the lesson.

In Level 4 of this course, we provided step-by-step walkthroughs on how to find the best small cap, large cap, dividend, growth, value, and blue-chip stocks.

In this lesson, let’s build on those earlier lessons and cover some good reasons to actually buy a stock from your research.

This list isn’t meant to be exhaustive, but it’s a good place to start when deciding whether or not you should add something to your portfolio.

We’d recommend you run through this entire checklist before buying a stock. The goal is you should be able to say, “Yes”, to all five of the questions below before adding the new stock.

We’ve included a brief “Stock Buyer’s Checklist” handout that summarizes the points below. We recommend you read the full write up below and then download the checklist for your future reference.

As we covered in one of our early lessons, you should never invest money in the stock market that…

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