Lesson 35 of 43: What to Expect Once You Start Investing in Stocks

  • While all stocks fluctuate in price nearly every day, it’s earnings reports that really move stocks over time.
  • During quarterly earnings reports, companies often discuss sales, profit, other financial metrics, dividend and share buyback policy, and provide estimates for future financial performance.
  • The market tends to return 7% – 10% per year, on average, over long periods of time; however, it will rarely earn 7% – 10% in any given year.
  • The market goes through long and short cycles of volatility, and can spend long stretches of time in states of high or low volatility.

We’ve covered a ton in this course about how the stock market works, which stocks to buy, how to organize your portfolio, and much more.

In this lesson we want to pull it all together and walk you through what to expect when you invest in stocks.

There are certain events and situations that we haven’t discussed much so far, but we want to make sure you’re well aware of them.

We’ll add to this list over time based on feedback from our readers. So don’t hesitate to reach out if you’d like to see something added. 

Let’s dig into what to expect once you start investing in stocks, beginning with analyst reports…

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