Lesson 38 of 43: The Psychology of Successful Investing (+10 Extra Bonus Tips)

  • When it comes to profiting from stocks, simple cognitive biases can often hold investors back, causing frustration and hurting their long-term profits. 
  • Outlined in this lesson are 22 common cognitive biases, including rich examples of how they apply to investing. 
  • In order to overcome these costly biases, there are 15 powerful questions that will focus you on the right answer. 
  • Included is a free 30-page report on the psychology of successful investing. 

In this lesson we’re going to unpack a range of cognitive traps that set investors back and hurt their long term returns.

This lesson is based around the report below, which covers:

  • 12 damaging cognitive traps that trick investors and reduce stock profits
  • 15 powerful questions to avoid psychological traps and make better investing decisions
  • Easily recognize the recency effect, loss aversion, the disposition effect, and many other cognitive biases
  • The complete definition of each cognitive bias and how it applies to stock market investing
  • What you should do to avoid falling into each of the 12 major cognitive traps
  • Take your investing skills to the next level with advanced decision-making strategies

That report is available for your download free by clicking the image below.

We recommend you start by reading the report above, as it provides a solid baseline understanding of cognitive biases and how to overcome them. 

Then, as a BONUS, we’ve added 10 additional cognitive biases not contained in the report and not shared anywhere else on our site but in this premium lesson.

Let’s start with outcome bias, which is when an investor judges…

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