Lesson 37 of 43: The 10 Most Powerful Metrics in Investing (with Handout)

  • Through extensive research and historical testing, we’ve identified 10 metrics that are able to predict the best stocks to buy. 
  • These metrics that can help you eliminate poor performing, overvalued, and unstable companies while focusing in on the market’s top performers.
  • These include four growth metrics, two value metrics, three dividend metrics, and one volatility metric. 
  • Also included is a downloadable lesson handout “cheat sheet” covering the 10 best metrics. 

When it comes to picking the best stocks, there are dozens (maybe even hundreds) of different metrics investors use to analyze companies.

During our extensive research into finding the most profitable stocks, we’ve tested literally hundreds of different metrics and combinations to discover which are best.

Below, we’ve distilled the 10 most powerful metrics in investing.

There are certainly others that are variations on our favorite concepts below or are better suited for finding a highly specific type of stock (for example, the best small cap pharmaceutical stocks).

But, in general, we’ve found that a combination of the metrics below will help investors focus on some of the best stocks on the market.

We’ve grouped them into growth, value, and dividend-related metrics.

Let’s start with the four most powerful growth metrics…

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