Lesson 10 of 43: Stock Market Crashes: Why Markets Decline & How to Survive

  • We walk through historical research, taking some of the fear and mystery out of stock market crashes and show how deep market declines can act like an overstretched rubber band that snaps back into place, driving a fast and strong recovery.

  • Not every decline is a stock market "crash." There are four different types of decline, most of which are a healthy part of stock market investing. 

  • We explain how to handle a stock market crash so that you can avoid losing money and profit immensely during the recovery. 


For some investors, stock market crashes are like the bogeyman.

They're terrified the monster is always lurking just around the corner. 

In this lesson, we're going to shine a light on the stock market crash "bogeyman" and take a good look at him.

Let’s understand why stock markets crash and how you can survive (and even profit) from a market sell-off.

What is a Stock Market Crash?

First of all, let’s step back and understand what exactly constitutes a stock market crash and what doesn’t.

Some investors are quick to call any market decline a “market crash,” which isn’t accurate.

There are actually three different levels of market decline, as shown in this table...

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