Lesson 27 of 43: The Magic of Combining Investment Strategies

  • In our last six lessons, we covered how to find the best small cap, large cap, dividend, growth, value, and blue chip stocks on the market.
  • Based on our extensive research, these are all incredibly powerful criteria that can help you find the best stocks in any area of the market.
  • These criteria aren’t relevant to just a single type of stock, sector, size, or strategy. They’re universal metrics that can help you find the best stocks wherever you may look.
  • We explain how to combine several strategies to find the best stocks. 

As we wrap up this batch of lessons and move into when to buy and sell your stocks, there are two VERY important lessons we want to emphasize:

First, for each investment strategy we used slightly different criteria and settings to screen for the ideal candidates.

However, you probably noticed that…

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