Lesson 8 of 43: Investing Styles & Strategies: 17 Ways Investors Make Money in Stocks

  • We explore 17 different strategies investors use to make money in the stock market, such as buying value, growth, dividend, small cap, large cap, blue chip, momentum, and high-quality stocks. 
  • Also discussed are more powerful strategies such as “CANSLIM”, dividend capture, “GARP”, swing trading, Dogs of the Dow, and Dividend Aristocrats. 
  • Some investors blend different strategies together, buying high-quality companies that are currently undervalued or day trading penny stocks with strong momentum indicators.

An investing style is a strategy you pursue to try and make money in the market.

There are many different investing styles and while some are better than others, we expect each could probably work if implemented correctly.

We’ll walk through a simple overview of each strategy here and in Level 4 and Level 5 of this course we’ll show you which are best (and why) and how to use them to find the best stocks.

First, let’s dig into two of the most popular (and most powerful) investing strategies: value stocks and growth stocks…

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