Lesson 19 of 43: How to Read a Stock Quote (with Handout Cheat Sheet)

  • We explain how to read a stock quote, including key metrics such as market cap, dividend yield, P/E ratio, and more.
  • Understand which metrics are important for your stock research and which you can safely ignore. 
  • Included is a free “Stock Quote Cheat Sheet” (PDF) for your download and reference. 

Welcome to Level 4 of the course! Here we’ll cover how to research and buy the best stocks.

This is where we pull together everything you’ve learned in the previous three levels and apply it to the ACTION of actually finding stocks to buy.

We’re going to cover MANY powerful investing strategies in Level 4:

  • Starting with a quick guide on how to read a stock quote (this lesson)
  • Followed by a general overview of how to find the best stocks
  • Then walk through six lessons on how to pick the best growth, dividend, large cap, small cap, blue chip, and value stocks
  • Finish with how to profit from bear markets and recessions, and apply advanced research-based strategies to profit from stocks

Let’s dig in, starting with how to read a stock quote.

How to Read a Stock Quote

As we begin to dig into stock research, we wanted to make sure you had a solid understanding of the most basic form of stock research: the stock quote.

A stock quote is often an investor’s “first stop” to quickly check a prospective stock’s price, trading range, dividend, and P/E ratio.

There are many different versions of stock quotes that provide a range of different information. Since most people use Google for their searches and stock lookups, we thought we’d start with their simple stock quote.

We created for you a course handout that can act as a “cheat sheet” to understanding a stock quote. We’re hoping you’ll use it as a handy visual guide during your stock research.

Click on the image below to download a high-resolution PDF version for your personal reference…

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