Lesson 34 of 43: How to Buy and Sell Your Stocks (Best Brokers, Order Types, and More)

  • In our experience, picking the best brokerage comes down to three simple criteria.
  • A market order means you’re willing to buy or sell your desired quantity of shares at the next available market price.
  • A limit order will only execute when the stock reaches the price you specify, or better.
  • We explain which account types and order types are best for different trading strategies.

So far in Level 4 and Level 5 of this course we’ve covered how to find the best companies to buy and when to buy and sell your stocks. Now, let’s look at how to actually place a trade.

Below are some common questions we see come up for new investors. And based on your questions, we’ll keep adding to this list over time.

If there’s anything you’d like to see added here, don’t hesitate to reach out and let us know. 

When it comes to picking the best brokerage, the truth is that there are several good choices.

In our experience, we think picking the best broker comes down to three simple factors…

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