5 Smart Reasons to Pay Up for the Best Investment Newsletter

Please don’t cut corners on your financial advice.

There are many places where it’s worth saving a few bucks. We don’t think planning for your financial future is one of them.

Why Subscribe to an Investment Newsletter?

Before we explain why exactly it’s worth paying up for the right investment newsletter (more below), let’s explore why people subscribe in the first place.

Newsletters can provide investors with tremendous value and there are several common reasons people subscribe: 

For fun: Investing newsletters can be fun, and may spur you to pursue new, experimental, or speculative investing ideas that you wouldn’t have tried on your own. 

To learn and improve: Newsletters can be educational, offering you new opportunities, ideas, and strategies that help you improve your skills as an investor. They’re often published by intelligent and experienced editors who share with you their hard-won advice. 

To manage your own investments: Many people prefer to manage their investments themselves, rather than hire an investment advisor. You may feel more comfortable with your financial future in your own hands, and a newsletter can help provide you with wisdom and guidance along the way. 

To save time: We’re all incredibly busy. And if you’re fortunate enough to have money to invest, you’re likely busy earning it through a time-consuming activity. Following an investing newsletter can save you time by surfacing potentially attractive investment ideas. 

To make money: Most importantly, people subscribe to newsletters to make money. Some investors want to maximize profit, others want to reduce potential drawdowns, and others want steady dividend income. Whatever your investing goals, a good newsletter should help you achieve more than you could on your own. 

There are many different reasons to subscribe to an investing newsletter, and there are many different choices to pick from. Some are free while others costs thousands of dollars per year. 

If you just want to have fun with a small amount of experimental investment capital, perhaps a cheap or free speculative newsletter could be right for you. If your goal is to invest your retirement savings using a reputable newsletter with a history of strong market returns, you’ll probably pay hundreds of dollars for your annual subscription.

The bottom line is a good stock newsletter should pay for itself. 

Think about how much of your hard-earned money you’re responsible for investing. If the difference between a good newsletter and a great newsletter is an extra 5% return, or a 10% smaller drawdown, or a 2% higher dividend yield – what would that mean for your financial future? 

Smart investors who understand the power of compounding know that a small edge in performance can add up to huge profits over the long term.

Here’s the test: Ask yourself, over the long term would that extra edge cover the cost of your newsletter subscription, and then some?

Again, imagine that by choosing the superior newsletter you could achieve:

  • An extra 5% return per year for the next decade
  • A 10% smaller drawdown when a bear market hits during your retirement
  • A 2% higher dividend yield every year for the next decade

How much would that be worth to you?

Would it be worth an extra $25, $50, $100, $500 per year?

For most people, the answer is a definite “yes.”

Planning for your financial future is not the place to be cheap. Is it really worth saving a few dollars on a cheaper newsletter subscription if that means missing out on a newsletter that could’ve helped you achieve your financial goals?

Whether you’re saving time, learning new investing techniques, or just want to make money, don’t hesitate to pay up for the right newsletter for you. When it comes to managing your financial future, we believe it’s worth paying for the best.

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