26 Best Resources for Dividend Stock Investors (2019 Update)

We created a running list of the best resources for dividend stock investors. Most of these are specific to dividend stocks, but a few are more general (although definitely still relevant to dividend investors).

These resources are grouped into five general categories and presented in no particular order.

We hope these help in your dividend investing journey!

Dividend Stock Screeners

  1. Dividend Channel Stock Screener: Stock screener with a focus on dividends (registration required)

  2. FinViz: Great stock screener that includes key dividend data

  3. Yahoo Finance: Redesigned stock screener from Yahoo

  4. Zacks: Some free and some premium elements to screen stocks

  5. Benjamin Graham: Screen stocks based on Ben Graham’s classic value formulas

Dividend Strategies / Philosophy

  1. Investopedia: Basics on dividends and related terminology

  2. 10 Commandments of Dividend Investing: Dividend.com’s funny (and thoughtful) review of their philosophy on dividends

  3. Reddit: Investors discuss their ideas for investing in dividends

  4. Early Retirement Extreme: Forums for those excited about retirement

  5. Dividend Growth Forum: Individual investors discuss dividends and specific stocks

Dividend Stock / Fund / ETF Data

  1. Dividend.com: Tons of dividend data on individual stocks

  2. Stock Split History: Allows you to see historical prices and splits for stocks

  3. Dividend Driven: Regular updates on dividend-focused ETFs and mutual funds

  4. Dividend Channel Declarations: Live data on when companies declare dividends

  5. Earnings Whisper: Investors guess upcoming earnings results

  6. StockCharts: Chart dividend stocks and see technical indicators over time

  7. Morningstar: Detailed metrics on individual stocks, funds, & ETFs

Dividend News & Research

  1. Seeking Alpha (Dividends): Great community of investors discussing dividend stocks

  2. Y-Charts: Lots of detail on stocks, including key dividend data

  3. Dividend Growth Info: Updates on dividend increase or decrease announcements

  4. Dividend Stocks Online: Regular calendar of upcoming ex-dividend dates

Dividend Tools & Calculators

  1. Dividend Channel’s DRIP Returns Calculator: See how much more you would’ve made by using a DRIP plan

  2. DRIP Investing Tools: Variety of tools, data, and spreadsheets for dividend investors

  3. Good Calculators: List of finance and personal investing calculators, including dividend calculators

  4. Dividend Calendar: Projects key dividend dates for 550 stocks across 20 countries so you can plan your dividend investing decisions

  5. Dividend Ladder’s Dividend Calculator: Calculate how much your money will return over time, including dividends

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