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The ASI newsletter has returned 3.4x the S&P

500 in just 19 months

“A friend of mine suggested ASI after he’d had 10% returns over a few months…I am drinking the ‘kool-aid’ all the way to the bank now.”

– John A ASI subscriber, New York

The Active Stock Investor Newsletter

The Active Stock Investor is a weekly newsletter that aims to maximize profit by actively managing a portfolio of 12 small cap stocks.

Proven Strategies

Select only the very best stocks by demanding exceptional value, quality, financials, and management

Data Powered

Proprietary investing algorithms sift through 8,700+ stocks and highlight the best candidates

Actively Managed

We evaluate the ASI holdings weekly and regularly trade to ensure it’s optimally positioned

What you get with the ASI newsletter:

  • Weekly newsletter delivered to your inbox before market open
  • Simple 12 stock portfolio is easy to follow
  • Small cap and micro cap stocks listed on major U.S. exchanges (Nasdaq, NYSE)
  • No pinks sheets, OTC stocks, or day trading
  • Active turnover (typically trade 1-2 stocks each week)
  • Our 5 Point Performance Guarantee
  • Iron-clad 100% Satisfaction Guarantee for 90 days
  • We literally wrote the book on best practices for newsletter management, transparency, and authenticity.

Recent Stock Pick Returns

Our best picks since launching the Active Stock Investor

+41.5% in 14 days

TZOO provides travel, entertainment, and local deals worldwide (Founded 1998, New York)

+34.2% in 42 days

EXAC sells orthopedic implant devices, surgical instruments, and biologic services (Founded 1985, Florida)

+29.6% in 77 days

HBIO sells scientific instruments and systems for life science research (Founded 1901, Massachusetts)

+27% in 42 days

RCKY sells apparel under the Rocky, Georgia Boot, Durango, Lehigh, and Michelin brands (Founded 1932, Ohio)

+26.8% in 70 days

RMR provides business and property management services (Founded 1986, Massachusetts)

+24.0% in 182 days

VPG sells sensors, measurement systems, specialty resistors, and strain gages (Founded 2009, Pennsylvania)

Not all our stocks perform this well. You can see all closed positions in our May 2018 Monthly Summary Report.

The ASI newsletter is up 66.6% in just 19 months, more than triple both its large and small cap benchmarks


“Nothing speaks like returns. i have subscribed to many emails in the past. Less noise and better returns.”


- George, Active Stock Investor subscriber, Massachusetts


“I’ve been following the ASI newsletter since launch and am amazed by the returns. The portfolio and weekly trades are very clear and easy to follow. The strategy of focusing on undervalued micro and small caps resonates with me because these are reputable companies that are up and coming. It’s a great way to grow my retirement, while investing in these rising stars.”

- Ryan T.

ASI subscriber, Maine


“A friend of mine suggested ASI after he’d had 10% returns over a few months. I was skeptical at first but after their picks beat the market over 6 months I am drinking the ‘kool-aid’ all the way to the bank now. It takes about a week or two of trading to get over the ‘what stock is this’ factor. I use ASI in my Roth IRA account given the higher trade frequency and locking in profits. Keep up the good work ASI stock-picking team!”

- John A.

ASI subscriber, New York

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you trading penny stocks?

While we find low-priced stocks can offer outsized returns, we won’t invest in anything priced below $1.50 per share. And most our stocks are priced over $10 per share.

Are you trading “pink sheet” / OTC stocks?

No. All of our stocks are traded on major U.S. exchanges, such as Nasdaq and NYSE.

Are you day trading?

No. We only place trades and send out newsletters once a week on Mondays. We don’t buy and sell a position within a single day.

Are you trading tiny companies with very low volume?

We focus mostly on small and micro cap stocks as they have provided strong historical returns for active investors. In order to ensure our stocks are actually investable in the real world, we require each stock to have average trading volume of at least $250,000 per day over the last 200 trading days.

Does “active” mean there is a lot of trading and turnover?

Yes and no. The ASI is more active than traditional portfolios because we aim to maximize profit by frequently locking in gains and moving on to new positions. However, we only trade once a week on Mondays, usually selling 1-2 stocks and replacing them with new ones. For some weeks there are no trades at all. Overall, it takes about 15 minutes each week to follow The ASI. We think that’s time well invested if it leads to market-beating performance.

Doesn’t lots of trading mean high trading fees? 

We don’t think trading fees should discourage investors from maximizing their profits. At this point, most trading fees are around $5 per trade. Several brokerages are completely free. For our ASI portfolio, we assume a $4.95 trading fee and build it into the cost of every trade. So if we report a position as profitable, that includes trading fees for both its purchase and sale.

Doesn’t high turnover mean high short-term capital gains taxes?

Active portfolios which frequently lock in profits for stocks held less than one year may be best traded in a tax-advantaged account (e.g., retirement accounts) to avoid short-term capital gains taxes.

How do you track ASI performance?

We take performance tracking seriously. We use an independent third-party financial data provider to track the performance of the ASI and its two benchmarks – the S&P 500 (SPY) and the Russell 2000 (IWM).

We assume a $4.95 trading fee for the purchase and sale of every position. Dividends are deposited as cash and included in the total return of the ASI portfolio overall. However we do not include dividends when we report the return for each individual closed position. This means some stock returns are actually higher than we report after accounting for the dividends earned while holding the position.

Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed

We proudly stand behind our newsletters and offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.